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Gold Restorations

The keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry a few years ago challenged his audience of dentists with this:  "Why do most of you in the audience place gold in your mouths and your spouse's mouths instead of the materials we are going to talk about this weekend?"  Good question.  Do dentists know something they are not telling their patients?  

We have a few retired local dentists who come to us when they want one specific type of restoration: gold.  Durability.  Longevity.  Biocompatibility.  Conservation of tooth structure.  There is no dental material superior to gold in these qualities.  Placing gold restorations is technically demanding of the dentist.  Consequently, not many dentists place gold anymore.  We do.

The gold inlay in this image was placed by Dr. Knox in 1997 and was not polished or touched up in any way for this 2016 photo.


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