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Diagnosis and Treatment

The initial appointment is spent conducting a thorough examination. Using our examination findings, all your treatment options will be discussed with you to assist you in making decisions regarding your care.  There are usually multiple ways in which particular dental problems can be treated.  Some may be less expensive, some may last longer.  We involve our patients in the diagnosis and treatment planning process, educating them to be able to choose the treatment options that meet their needs and goals.

The use of x-rays in dentistry is important for the successful diagnosis of existing or potential problems. The quantity of radiation is minimal and every precaution is observed to administer the process safely. If you have had x-rays at another dental office within the last three years please let our front office staff know before your appointment and they will attempt to assist you in having them transferred to our office.

  We believe that one of the most important services we have to offer is a plan for preventive dentistry. For this reason we spend considerable time at the hygiene (cleaning) appointment discussing and demonstrating measures which will help you maintain your mouth in a state of optimum dental health once it has been restored. We believe in the preservation of the natural teeth whenever they can be maintained in a healthy condition. The number of months between recall appointments will depend upon the conditions present in each individual mouth.

We try very hard when treating our patients to be good listeners.  Only from listening to our patients do we learn how they are doing during a procedure.  That feedback guides us in knowing what to do to ensure that person is comfortable during their appointment.  Conversely, we try very hard when treating our patients to talk to them.  We have consistently found that people like to know how things are going during their procedure, what we are seeing, where we are at during a procedure, and often most importantly, how much longer until we are done!

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