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Why does your office only see patients four days a week?

Practicing dentistry is hard on the body because of the postures we sometimes get ourselves into.  Three of the last five dentists to retire along the Pacific Avenue corridor from Parkland to Spanaway have done so with occupationally-related disabilities.  Dentists have recognized this and wish to structure their careers to be a marathon, not a sprint.  And, four days a week of patient treatment does not mean a four day work week - there is still a business to manage which requires time and attention.  The economics of dentistry have changed in recent years, with new dentists graduating from school with educational debt unimaginable to previous generations.  Unable to afford going into private practice on their own, many become employee dentists who are required by their employers to work a five day week.  It is unknown yet if they will have shorter careers as a result, but that seems a distinct possibility.

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