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Honored to be Honored

Picking up on the earning your reputation theme of the previous post, it appears word of mouth recommendations have been replaced by the online review.  Seems we don't talk face-to-face as much anymore, and communicating through our devices has become de rigueur.  Thus, Yelp, Angie's List, and the like is our new confidant in weeding through the products and services we seek to obtain.  However, when it comes to online reviews, I am suspicious of ballot box stuffing.  Peer review, especially when you cannot vote for yourself, is critiquing on a different level.  Seattle Met magazine has contracted with to survey dentists in the King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap County region and ask them, "As a dentist, who would you go to if you needed dental work?".  Seattle Met publishes the results in its January issue every year, and we are honored to be listed again for 2017, the fourth consecutive year.  This year there are only 23 general dentists in Pierce County to receive this recognition.  Our office is by far the furthest south of any office to be so recognized, located several miles south of the Tacoma city limit.  As the next stop south of us is Elk Plain, it is gratifying that anybody even knows we're out here, let alone that we're doing good work!  We as an office are grateful to Seattle Met magazine, and I to my Pierce County dentist colleagues, for the honor.

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