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Anniversary of Risk and Opportunity

Before the month of February comes to a close it would be appropriate to note that this is not just any February, but a significant anniversary.  In February of 1987 we opened our current dental office facility.  This month then marks 30 years of operations in our building.  Looking back it could be said that exuberance won out over good judgment.  A proverbial young man in a hurry, I was 27 years old when I committed to this project, barely a year out of dental school, and was not moving an established practice into the facility.  How did we (my wife and I) do it?  Using a farmer's approach, we built the barn before the house.  My wife accepted living in rental houses the first 7+ years of our marriage (hard to do when your friends are all buying houses).  If people were to ask me at the time if my office felt like a second home, I would have had to correct them that it was more like a first home, as it was the only building we owned.  It has worked out well, in more than just the real estate aspect.  You learn that the quality of your life is measured in the quality of your relationships, and the relationships we have built inside that building has far surpassed anything I could have hoped for.  I don't deserve the quality of patients and staff that I have had the good fortune to serve over these 30 years.  A blessing indeed!

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